Underwater surveys and inspections

ZADAR SUB offers their clients a high quality service of inspecting marine vessels and offshore structures. High Quality photo and video equipment, an experienced diving team certified by the classification organizations ensures a high quality underwater inspection. Every inspection comes with a complete report including photos and CCTV video recordings. All underwater inspections and procedures comply with the standards of the international classification societies. Zadar Sub’s diving team is ready to complete any and all inspections in any port in the Adriatic in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Services we offer are:

  • Marine vessel and offshore structure inspection
  • Inspections pre or prior to purchase of vessel
  • Damage estimation while stranded
  • Inspection of pipelines and underwater outlets
  • NDT - Plate thickness measuring on ship structures
  • Underwater inspections in lieu of drydocking
  • Monitoring the state of anti-vegetation paint and hull conditions
  • Hydroelectric power station inspections
  • Inspections of anchorage systems for securing pontoons and vessels

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