Underwater maintenance and repairs

Collection of sea organisms on your propeller or hull is a nightmare for all marine vessels. Greater fuel consumption, lower speeds and a higher work load on the engine are only some of the disadvantages of having a dirty hull and /or propeller. A regular inspection and cleaning of a vessels submerged sections is a guarantee a drastic decrease in the running costs of your vessel. Because we only use the most modern cleaning techniques, we are able to perform inspections and complete cleaning of the submerged portion of your vessel in any port or marina in the Adriatic in the shortest possibly amount of time. No need to dry-dock to replace a propeller of zinc protector. Our experienced diving team can perform all these tasks under water freeing you of the extra cost of dry-docking and renting a replacement vessel.

All underwater cleaning and repairs are done to the high standards of the International classification societies.

The Services we offer are:

  • Hull cleaning
  • Propeller polishing
  • Sea intake cleaning
  • Bow thruster cleaning
  • Zink protector replacement
  • Propeller replacement
  • Rudder blade replacement

Contact us so together we can work out all your needs.